What kind of engagement ring do women prefer?

So you are ready to get out there and find the ring she's always dreamed of. Let's break down the two main components of an engagement ring, the center diamond and the un-mounted ring. You can also shop for a mounted engagement ring where the diamond has already been set.

You need two important pieces of information, the diamond shape and the diamond size. People may say size isn't important but let's face reality; the first thing people generally notice is the diamond size. She's not showing off how internally flawless her diamond is she's too caught up in its brilliance and size. Her friends or sister may have already determined this for you. If her group of friends are all wearing 1 carat diamonds you ideally want to look for a diamond as close to a carat as possible. If she's the first in her group to be engaged than congratulations you are the trend setter.

You may already know the diamond shape she likes or you could have the daunting task of playing mind reader. If total surprise is what you are after then you are going to need some help. Ask trustworthy family members, like her mother or sister, what shape she likes or may have talked about recently. Ask a few of her closest friends that can keep a secret. Pay close attention to the magazines she reads and maybe subtly comment on the appearance of diamond shapes and rings in ads or TV commercials. She may unknowingly give you the information you're looking for. If you can’t get what she likes then choose black opal engagement rings, this will suite for all.

Always keep in mind that your opinion and satisfaction are really all that matters when selecting a diamond so don't overwhelm yourself with facts you may never look at again after the purchase.