Strange marriage tradition in Scotland

Wedding is the most beautiful moment in a person’s life. The bride and groom will be having many expectations about their marriage and the arrangements. Though wedding is a common thing is been followed by many people all over the world. The traditions and culture that are following in the marriage will be different from place to place. Each country will have a different tradition of doing marriage. There will be some events conducted in the pre wedding day. The bride and groom must undergo such things to get married. Some of the interesting and strange wedding cultures are given in the following paragraphs.

Generally in the time of wedding the bride will have different make over and she will be preparing for her marriage by enhancing her appearance. But in Scotland there is a funny tradition that is followed by the bride’s family. Since it is the happiest day of the bride, the family and friends of the bride will express their love by throwing the nasty things over the bride. After that she will be tied in tree and then she will be taken for drink party in the night. This is been followed to tell the bride that she must handle all the things which will happen in her married life. Also it will make the bride to realise that she can handle any critical situation in her life and she has the ability to do that. This is one of the most weird and funny wedding celebrations followed by the people.