Roblox vs IMVU Part 2

Whats up guys, I’m back and I’m here with another post caparisons of the mobile games. Time I’m here with Roblox and I’m here with IMVU. Both games are games that I’ve played a great amount of and both games are games I highly recommend to you guys and I really advise you to give these two games a try. I know Roblox is a game on this blog that I have reviewed a few times and I’m sure roblox has a great fan base on this blog. I’ve released a great amount of roblox hacks and cheats on here and I’m sure you guys all know about Roblox by now, well at least I hope so. I know I haven’t really talked about IMVU on this blog so its kind of at a disadvantage but don’t worry, I’ll do my test to truthfully rep what IMVU is all about. Trust me when I tell you, if you like Roblox, you most likely will like IMVU the same amount. Both games are very similar and have the same format pretty much.

Both IMVU and Roblox are very fun and engaging games but they aren’t on the same level in terms of security. Heres where they differ. IMVU on one hand is a game that takes security very weak and it’s a game that doesn’t really care if you use different hacks and cheats. Roblox on the other hand is a game that takes security very seriously and it’s a game you cant really get away with on hacking and cheating your way through. It simply wont work. But to be honest, both games provide an excellent experience and I recommend you play both IMVU and Roblox and see what you like. I love both and find them to be great ways to pass the time when bored. Let me know how you feel about both games.