Let people know about your mood through the whatsapp status

Whatsapp is one of the most famous apps that you can use in your smartphone to get in touch with your friends and relatives. Actually, it is an instant messaging app that provides the service through online. In fact, most of the adults and elders are using this excellent app on their phone for chatting. The main reason why this messenger app is getting increased popularity among the people is messages can be switched over through all the operating systems on all the kinds of mobile phones. As well as, it is also an online platform that can use the regular data plan for the electronic mail and surfing the internet and so you need not to spend the further cost for sharing your images, videos and messages.

In fact, the whatsapp statuses are one of the most important factors that are available in this platform. The status is the form of sentences that can tell your contacts about the thing on your mood or on your mind. As the way, the statuses are used to let the people recognize how your emotion is without speaking to them. People who are in your contact list may often check the status and display picture of you and therefore, they like to put their photos and status as the best manner. In fact, you can also use the sad whatsapp status when your mind is upset and let your friends know you are sad. However, you can feel free to upload anything to your whatsapp.