How to choose a right size of umbrella stand

The umbrella stand is the most ideal equipment in the entryway of all homes and public places for the today’s generations. It serves as the most convenience place to store the wet umbrellas in the rainy season. Thus, the house owners can able to always keep your floor dry to avoid the accidental slips & falls.

Different materials of the umbrella stands:

There are a variety of materials used for the manufacturing of the Stand parapluie. The most common and traditional materials used for producing the umbrella stands will be,

• Copper
• Brass

The copper and brass umbrella holders could be found with the highly muted antique finishes, polished mirror finishes, hammered or textured designs. Now days, the ceramic and porcelain materials of umbrella stands are also very famous in the market.

In order to pick the best size of the umbrella stand suitable for your home entryway, it is better consider the diameter of 8 inches. This particular size is normal and also enough to store at least 4 wet umbrellas. If you are looking for the Stand parapluie for any public place or your office, it is essential to consider the diameter of 9 inches to store 4 to 7 wet umbrellas. For the big office with the massive numbers of employees, you can consider 10 inches or some more inches of umbrella stand diameter to give convenience in storing several tens of umbrellas in a perfect and organized manner.