Game of War vs Clash of Clans

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog, for this post I’m going to be doing a comparison of two of the top mobile games to be released and two of the most popular mobile games of 2015. Seriously, if you are wondering what games I’ma bout to review, where have you been in 2015? Did you even read the title of this article, lol? The two of the hottest games are game of war and clash of clans. These two games are the only games to also have super bowl commercials so that right there should tell you about how popular these two mobile games are. Before we get into the reviews, I must tell you that I’m a cheater when it comes to game of war and I often use game of war cheats to avoid playing the game for too long. That shouldn’t affect how I feel about the two games but that should let you know that I’m a mobile games cheater lol. Anyways, get into the reviews shall we.

Clash of Clans released by Super Cell is a great mobile game. Its also the most popular game to be released, ever. Whether you’re on the Google Play store or on the iOS app store, you’ll see that Clash of Clans is the top grossing and top downloaded app. If you check those two app stores again, you can also see that game of war is 2nd right behind them all. Game of War if you ask me is the better of the two games. I say this because I view Game of War as more fun and I view it as a game that has more longevity. I say this even though Clash of Clans has been the top game for three years. We’ll see if Game of War can do the same thing. Thanks for reading guys.